Archived Events

  1. Easter Egg Social

    Event Starts: March 25, 2023


    NOON: 4 yrs old and under

    4 yrs old and younger will have their Easter Egg Hunt on the side of the community with the Flagpole.

    12:30PM: 5 years old and older

    5 yrs old and older kids will have their Easter Egg Hunt on the playground side.

    As always here are the rules:

      1. No children under the age of 18 in attendance without their parent or legal guardian. Older siblings are not accepted as younger children's parent or guardian. Children without their parents or legal guardians will be asked to leave. This is for the child's safety.
        1. No bikes, skateboards or scooters (electric or manual) allowed inside the event area between the hours of 8AM-3PM
        This is for the safety of vendors, staff, your child and residents in the event area.

        2. NO DOGS/PETS - Service dogs/animals **MUST **wear their vests.

    Cotton Candy, Popcorn and Water will be available for residents for free.

    Proxies will be available for homeowners to sign for the annual meeting, voter delegates and the rental guidelines. Please make sure to stop by the Town Sq management table to sign.


    Event Starts: September 20, 2022

  3. 2022 Annual Meeting

    Event Starts: October 10, 2022


    Location:Municipal Building
    1230 Brendan Drive
    Little Elm, TX 75068

    In accordance with Article XII, Section 3 of the Bylaws for Frisco Ranch Owners, (Association) you are hereby given notice that an Annual Meeting of the Members is scheduled for Thursday, October 10, 2022, at 6:30 PM, Municipal Building, 1230 Brendan Drive, Little Elm, TX 75068. The Association is a non-profit corporation and as such is required to hold an annual meeting under the laws of the State of Texas. The meeting is being called for the purpose of reviewing the status of the Association. This is a very important meeting to attend.

    There are two (2) available positions open for the Board of Directors. The homeowners present, in person or by proxy, will elect (2) homeowners to the Board of Directors. If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, please complete the Declaration of Candidacy form attached and fax or e-mail to the attention of the Community Manager; see below for contact information. Please return this form no later than September 23, 2022, to be placed on the ballot. Additional nominations may be taken from the floor. Pursuant to Section 209.0057 of the Texas Property Code, election results are subject to a recount.

    Online voting opens on September 28, 2022 at and ends on October 7, 2022 at

    IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU ATTEND THIS MEETING. To conduct this Annual Meeting, a quorum of ten percent (10%) of members must be present in person or by proxy. Enclosed with this letter you will find a proxy. Please complete and return the proxy to our office prior to the meeting. Even if you plan to attend the meeting, please sign the proxy; the proxy will be returned to you at the meeting should you attend. Attendance or returning the proxy will help avoid the cost of another meeting.

    Click here to download and read the FR 2022 Annual Notice

  4. Pool Closures for the Week of 8-22 through 8-25

    Event Starts: August 17, 2022

    Attention Frisco Ranch Residents: Pool Closure times next week (weather pending)

    Next week, August 22-25, the new rain curtain will be installed at the pool.

    The pool will be closed during these hours. There also may be some days that they may still not be ready to open due to clean up or falling behind schedule. So please be patience with the workers. We are trying to keep the pool open instead of closing it completely for the construction. Be mindful of the construction area.

    Morning Exercise Hours will be limited to 6am-7am

    Pool Closure times next week August 22-25, 2022 (times/dates could change due to weather)

    Monday 7a-5p
    Tuesday. 7a-5p
    Wednesday 7a-2p 
    Thursday. 7-1p
  5. Special Meeting of Members

    Event Starts: July 26, 2022


    The Board of Directors (“Board”) of Homeowners Association of Frisco Ranch, Inc. (“Association”) has scheduled a Special Meeting of Members to vote to amend the Declaration of Covenants. The purpose of the Special Meeting is to hold a Town Hall type discussion to address any questions related to the proposed Amendment and to begin the voting process.

    The Voting Period for the proposed Amendment shall open on July 26, 2022 and close at 5:00 P.M. on August 5, 2022 (the “Voting Period”). Owners shall have the following options to cast the votes they are allocated pursuant to the governing documents: (1) In-Person Ballot; (2) Proxy; (3) Electronic/Online Voting; and (4) Absentee Ballot

    This packet includes: (1) Notice and Agenda; (2) Online Voting Instructions; (3) Proxy Instructions; (4) a Proxy Form; and (5) Absentee Ballot.

    Click here to submit your Ballot electronically now!

    Click here to download and read the Frisco Ranch - Special Meeting Notice and Proxy Form 4888-3795-2037 v.4

    Click here to download and complete a paper version of the Frisco Ranch 2022 Special Meeting Ballot July 2022

  6. Frisco West Water District -GM July 2022 Meeting Summary

    Event Starts: July 19, 2022

    FWWCIDDC Residents, summary from July Board Meeting is now available. 
    Click here to review the meeting notes GM JULY 2022 MEETING SUMMARY
  7. Frisco Ranch Homeowners Special Meeting

    Event Starts: July 26, 2022

    Attention:  Frisco Ranch Homeowners:

    A special meeting is being called by the Board of Directors for the Homeowners of Frisco Ranch.
    Details can be found on TownSq. 


    Event Starts: July 18, 2022


    Frisco West Water Board Meeting - General Board Meeting
    Monday, July 18 at 6:30 PM at the Municipal Center! 
    Visit for agenda and other details.

  9. Frisco West Annual BEE EVENT, Sunday, April 24

    Event Starts: April 24, 2022

    Frisco West Annual Bee Event 
    and Meet the Candidates running for 
    3 open seats in the May election.

    Frisco West Bee Event
  10. Meet the Frisco West District Elected Board Members

    Event Starts: February 26, 2022

    Meet the current Frisco West District Elected Board Members.

    This is also a great time to meet

    Patrick Larue
    Chris Peterson
    Dean Peterson

    They will be running again in a few months to try and win their seats on the board again.

    The board members are government officials and are elected by residents of Frisco Ranch and Frisco Hills for a 4 year term. 

    This would be a great time to ask the questions that have been burning a hole in your noggin.

  11. Santa Celebration Dec 11, 2021 10 AM-1PM

    Event Starts: December 11, 2021

    Frisco Ranch Homeowners & Guests
    Santa Celebration 2021
  12. Important Information about Your Water Services

    Event Starts: November 03, 2021

    Important! We are switching water operators now.
    If you are a current customer, your information will be transferred over to the new system. 
    We will have more information to come soon. 

    For any questions regarding bills, starting/stopping service or for water emergencies please refer to this information. 
    You can contact me with any questions or concerns at

  13. Frisco Ranch Halloween Social Event

    Event Starts: October 30, 2021

    Halloween Social Event 2021
  14. 2021 Annual Meeting

    Event Starts: October 12, 2021

    Homeowner Annual Meeting
    See TownSq for more information.
    Meeting starts at 7pm
  15. Frisco Ranch Halloween Carnival

    Event Starts: October 30, 2021

    Frisco Ranch Residents

    Mark your calendars for October 30, 2021  from 5-9PM.
    Reminder for safety reasons: NO DOGS/PETS, No unaccompanied minors, no bikes, scooters, motorized scooters or skateboards.

    Frisco Ranch Halloween Carnival 2021
  16. Water District Notice of Public Hearing on Tax Rate

    Event Starts: September 08, 2021

    Frisco West Water Control and Improvement District of Denton County
    will hold a public hearing on a proposed tax rate for the tax year 2021 on 
    Thursday, September 23, 2021, at 6:30 p.m. 
    at 1230 Brendan Drive, Little Elm, Texas 75068

  17. Frisco Ranch Community Block Party

    Event Starts: August 21, 2021

    Block Party Flyer
  18. Frisco Ranch Board Of Directors Meeting

    Event Starts: July 27, 2021

    Frisco Ranch Board of Directors Meeting
  19. June 2021 Frisco West WCIDDC Newsletter

    Event Starts: June 02, 2021

    June 2021 Frisco West WCIDDC Newsletter is full of updates, important dates, District events, Trash & Recycling information and more.

    View your copy on the Frisco West WCIDDC Website. 

    Frisco West Newsletter
  20. June 2021 Frisco West WCIDDC Newsletter

    Event Starts: June 02, 2021

    June 2021 Frisco West WCIDDC Newsletter is full of updates, important dates, District events, Trash & Recycling information and more.

    View your copy on the Frisco West WCIDDC Website. 

    Frisco West Newsletter
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